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NN394 NTN Tapered Roller Bearing

Brand Name NTN
Model Number NN394
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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NNU4920KPermissible sliding velocity v max.:0.5 m/s; α:124 °; a:10 mm; h:212.5 mm; B:200 mm; d:210 mm; Specific dynamic load factor K:25 N/mm²; Coefficient of friction µ min.:0.08; Mass bushing:12.2 kg; Tolerance shaft:e7; Permissible sliding velocity v min.:0 m/s; Tolerance housing:H7; D:230 mm; Specific static load factor K0:45 N/mm²; Coefficient of friction µ max.:0.15;
4R3443 NTN Cylindrical Roller BearingC:100 mm; Db min.:415 mm; ra max.:4 mm; T:127 mm; Calculation factor Y0:0.8; Calculation factor e:0.43; r3,4 min.:4 mm; D:440 mm; rb max.:3 mm; Dimension series:4GD; Limiting speed:1300 r/min; Calculation factor Y:1.4; a:105 mm; db min.:262 mm; da max.:276 mm; Da min.:365 mm; Da max.:420 mm; Ca min.:7 mm; Cb min.:27 mm; Mass bearing:81.5 kg;
NNU4932 NTN Tapered Roller BearingHousing:SAW 532; P90°:136 kN; L:558.8 mm; N1:28.575 mm; J min.:441.325 mm; da:136.525 mm; Cap bolt recommended tightening torque:203.4 N·m; Labyrinth ring:2 x LOR 129; H:336.55 mm; J1:95.25 mm; Stabilizing ring:SR-32-0; Ca:113.817 mm; S:4.763 mm; Initial grease fill:793.8 g; h:52.388 mm; Mass pillow block:109 kg; Cap bolt:4 x 3/4-10 UNC; End plug (suffix Y):EPR 16; P150°:78.3 kN; R2:33.337 mm;
NN4932 NTN Tapered Roller BearingA:29.5 mm; Db1:57 mm; L:86 mm; Hexagonal key size for grub screw N:3 mm; Recommended tightening torque for grub screw:4 N·m; J7:16 mm; A1:11 mm; J6:74 mm; RG:1/4-28 UNF; d:20 mm; N:11.5 mm; A3:3.2 mm; s1:26.6 mm; Basic static load rating C0:6.55 kN; Db2:63 mm; Recommended diameter for attachment bolts, inch G:0.375 in; Thread grub screw G2:M6x0.75; Limiting speed:1800 r/min; Da:68.3 mm; Recommended diameter for attachment bolts, mm G:10 mm;
4R3033K NTN Cylindrical Roller BearingGrub (set) screw size:M8; Axial static load carrying capacity:190 kN; G:M 85x2; B3:4 mm; Recommended grub screw tightening torque:18 N·m; Associated spanner:HN 17; b:8 mm; B:19 mm; d3:110 mm; Mass lock nut:0.53 kg; h:3.5 mm; d1:98 mm;
NN4924K NTN Cylindrical Roller BearingMax. speed for Taconite seal:520 r/min; h:54.769 mm; Pa:43.6 kN; Appropriate attachment bolt size G:1 in; R1:115.888 mm; H2:69.85 mm; Mass pillow block:165 kg; End plug (suffix Y):EPR 18; Taconite seal:TER 138; Initial grease fill:878.85 g; P180°:133 kN; Cap bolt, SAE grade:8; R2:37.306 mm; H1:179.4 mm; Ca:95.809 mm; da:147.637 mm; Stabilizing ring:SR-34-0; S:4.763 mm; P120°:127 kN; L:628.65 mm;
NN3036K NTN Cylindrical Roller BearingReference speed:4000 r/min; Calculation factor Y2:2.5; da max.:69 mm; 2B:56 mm; Mass bearing pair:2.38 kg; Ca min.:4 mm; D:110 mm; Da max.:102 mm; ra max.:1.5 mm; Calculation factor Y1:1.7; r3,4 min.:1.5 mm; b:7 mm; Fatigue load limit Pu:37.5 kN; Basic dynamic load rating C:266 kN; Calculation factor Y0:1.6; Da min.:95 mm; Basic static load rating C0:320 kN; Calculation factor e:0.4; r5 min.:0.6 mm;
4R4821 NTN Cylindrical Roller BearingBasic static load rating C0:0.335 kN; D:13 mm; Da max.:11.4 mm; Fatigue load limit Pu:0.014 kN; Limiting speed:32000 r/min; da min.:6.3 mm; Calculation factor kr:0.025; ra max.:0.2 mm; d2 ≈:6.6 mm; Basic dynamic load rating C:0.761 kN; D2 ≈:11.2 mm; d:5 mm; r1,2 min.:0.2 mm; Mass bearing:0.0023 kg; da max.:6.5 mm; Calculation factor f0:10.5; B:4 mm;
NN3938 NTN Tapered Roller BearingE:673 mm; Db max.:692 mm; Fatigue load limit Pu:465 kN; d1 ≈:598 mm; Calculation factor Y:0.4; D:710 mm; d:530 mm; das:587 mm; B:106 mm; ra max.:4 mm; Calculation factor kr:0.2; Basic static load rating C0:6000 kN; D1 ≈:648 mm; Calculation factor e:0.3; Basic dynamic load rating C:2700 kN; s max.:7 mm; Reference speed:340 r/min; r1,2 min.:5 mm; Mass bearing:120 kg; da min.:548 mm;
NN303 NTN Tapered Roller BearingTaconite seal (dc shaft position):TER 154; Housing:SSAFS 236; Cap bolt:1-8 UNC; Cap bolt, SAE grade:8; ba:75.406 mm; Initial grease fill:1304.1 g; P180°:113 kN; P120°:127 kN; H:377.825 mm; Mass pillow block:184 kg; L:679.45 mm; Eye bolt:2 x 3/8-16 UNC; R2:41.275 mm; P150°:113 kN; Pa:73.4 kN; RG:3/4 NPT; h:60.325 mm; S:4.763 mm; db:198.438 mm; PG:1/4 NPT;
NN4952K NTN Cylindrical Roller BearingMass bearing:0.19 kg; Basic dynamic load rating C:11.7 kN; Calculation factor (back-to-back, face-to-face) Y1:0.92; rb max.:0.6 mm; db min.:44.6 mm; B:15 mm; Calculation factor f2A:1; Static axial stiffness, preload class C:169 N/µm; Da max.:63.4 mm; Ball diameter Dw:7.144 mm; Static axial stiffness, preload class A:87 N/µm; da max.:49.1 mm; D:68 mm; Calculation factor f:1.06; Db max.:63.8 mm;
NNU48/600Mass pillow block:54 kg; ba:50.006 mm; Stabilizing ring:SR-22-19; Taconite seal:TER 109; H:244.475 mm; PG:1/4 NPT; Cap bolt recommended tightening torque:298.3 N·m; P90°:107 kN; A2:231.775 mm; Housing:SSAFS 522; End plug (suffix Y):EPR 13; Ca:62.89 mm; da:100.013 mm; R1:67.866 mm; S:4.763 mm; R2:31.75 mm; Eye bolt:2 x 3/8-16 UNC; H1:125.425 mm; RG:3/8 NPT; Da:200 mm;
NN3036 NTN Tapered Roller Bearingh:47.625 mm; P60°:104 kN; J max.:333.375 mm; Mass pillow block:25.5 kg; P150°:35.6 kN; R1:66.675 mm; H1:114.3 mm; RG:3/8 NPT; Appropriate attachment bolt size G:0.75 in; Initial grease fill:365.71 g; A2:231.775 mm; R2:30.163 mm; da:76.2 mm; H2:44.45 mm; Da:180 mm; Cap bolt recommended tightening torque:515.2 N·m; P120°:39.1 kN; L:387.35 mm; ba:52.388 mm; Cap bolt, SAE grade:8;
NN3038K NTN Cylindrical Roller BearingL:225.425 mm; B:73.025 mm; A1:80.169 mm; J min.:174.625 mm; Attachment bolt diameter G:15.875 mm; Basic dynamic load rating C:84.5 kN; d2:73.819 mm; Mass bearing unit:4.76 kg; S:0.794 mm; H1:57.15 mm; s:25.4 mm; Limiting speed:1450 r/min; da:49.212 mm; J max.:180.975 mm; A:63.5 mm; H2:33.337 mm; H:114.3 mm;
NNU4932KHousing:SAF 530; Eye bolt:2 x 3/8-16 UNC; Stabilizing ring:SR-30-0; Ca:82.804 mm; P150°:80.1 kN; Cap bolt, SAE grade:5; Initial grease fill:623.7 g; H2:63.5 mm; P120°:87.2 kN; Taconite seal:TER 126; RG:3/4 NPT; H1:160.325 mm; S:4.763 mm; L:539.75 mm; R2:39.688 mm; Mass pillow block:91.6 kg; J min.:431.8 mm; A1:158.75 mm; Da:269.999 mm; Cap bolt:4 x 3/4-10 UNC;
4R4445 NTN Cylindrical Roller BearingBasic dynamic load rating C:29.6 kN; Recommended tightening torque for grub screw:16.5 N·m; Db:115 mm; Thread grub screw G2:3/8-24 UNF; B4:9 mm; B:51.6 mm; Fatigue load limit Pu:0.98 kN; H:197 mm; Recommended diameter for attachment bolts, inch G:0.625 in; Hexagonal key size for grub screw N:4.763 mm; Limiting speed:2200 r/min; Recommended diameter for attachment bolts, mm G:16 mm; Housing material:Composite for food a;



NN4936KNTN - - - - 304.8 mm - - -
4R3228NTN - - - - 387.35 mm - - -
NNU4934KNTN - - - - 419.1 mm - - -
NN3026KNTN - - - - 57 mm - - -
NNU3036NTN - - - - 118 mm14 mm - -
4R4426NTN - - - - - - - -
NN3052KNTN - - - - - - - -
NNU4984KNTN - - - - 511.175 mm - - -
NNU4920KNTN - - - - - - - -
4R4811NTN - - - - - - - -
NN3028KNTN - - - 22.3 mm - - 12 mm -
NN3072NTN - - - - 101.6 mm - - -
4R4054NTN - - - - - - - -
NN4964NTN - - - - - - - 27 mm
NN3084NTN - - - - - - - -
4R2906NTN - - - - 279.4 mm - - -
NNU3948NTN - - - - - - - -
4R3821NTN - - - - - - - -
NN3964NTN17 mm - - - - - - -
4R3639NTN - - - - - - - -
4R3232NTN - - - - - - - -
NN494NTN - - - - - - - -
NNU4952KNTN - - - - - - - -
4R4425NTN - - - - - - - -
NNU4952NTN - - - - - - - -
4R3818NTN - - - - - - - -
NNU3022KNTN - - - - - - - 9.25 mm
4R4449NTN - - - - - - - -


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